Croatian foundry association

Croatian Foundry Association is a member of WFO

Aleja narodnih heroja 3, 44000 Sisak, Croatia

1st Professional seminar

May 6 2021

We are inviting you at the 1 st Professional seminar organized by the Croatian Foundry Association with the aim of presenting members, exchanging
experiences and establishing or strengthening mutual cooperation. Regarding limited possibilities of social contacts due to the pandemic caused by the
nCov-2 virus, a series of professional seminars will be organized.

The professional seminar will be held on Thursday, May 6th , 2021 at 13:00 using the Teams platform.

Participation is free of charge!


13:00-13:10Croatian Foundry Association – Introductory word of the organizer
Milorad Vasilić, president
13:10-13:25Vatrostalac d.o.o., Krapina, HR
Goran Pavlinić, Hrvoje Kraljević
13:25-13:40Exoterm-IT d.o.o., Kranj, SI
Bojan Veber
13:40-13:55STEM d.o.o., Nova Gorica, SI
Igor Bitežnik, Dragan Bošnjak
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