Croatian foundry association

Croatian Foundry Association is a member of WFO

Aleja narodnih heroja 3, 44000 Sisak, Croatia

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**By signing this form You voluntarily accept to disclose Your personal information to The Croatian Foundry Association (FCA/HULJ) for purposes of collection and management. The Croatian Foundry Association is obliged to collect and manage personal information of it’s members in compliance with The Law on Assicoations published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatian (OGRC) no. 74/14, in compliance with The Law on Protection of Personal Information (OGRC no. 103/03) and in compliance with The General Regulation of the European Parliament and Counsel no. 2016/679 (GDPR). The Croatian Foundry Association will not distribute for commercial purposes, share and provide to third persons any personal data collected from it’s members, as described on the back of this documents.

**dostavljanje informacija, ponuda i promidžbenih materijala o proizvodima i/ili uslugama HULJ i njegovih partnera