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CAEF report for 2021

December 4 2022

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant data in unique depth and breadth. In addition to these data, the publication includes reports on the economic developments in the CAEF member countries and the foundry associations’ assessments of the most important market developments for castings.

While the European production of non-ferrous metal castings increased by 14.8 % overall to 3,801,900t in 2021, the production of iron, nodular iron and steel castings increased by 17.6 % to 10,707,400t. Due to significant disruptions in international supply chains and the transformation of main customer sectors, casting production in 2021 did not reach the 2019 level. Compared to the pre-Covid-year non-ferrous metal casting production was 7.1% lower and ferrous casting production was still 5.7% lower in 2021.

CAEF would like to thank its member associations for their cooperation in the preparation of this comprehensive report.

The report is available only to association members.