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Aleja narodnih heroja 3, 44000 Sisak, Croatia

Let’s protect the most important things, the life and health of workers!

March 24 2021

On 24.03.2021. year, cooperation was established between HULJ (Croatian Foundry Association) and UPZMZ (Association for the Promotion of Protection of People in the Working and Living Environment of Međimurje County). The mentioned event took place in the space of the host, the Ferro-preis foundry, to which we would like to thank sincerely. The photos show the first meeting between the President of UPZMZ Mr. Ilija Marić and a member of the Presidency Mr. Srećko Tot, and the President of HULJ Mr. Milorad Vasilić and a member of the Management Board Mr. Branislav Branković.

We have a lot of potential and common themes and we will reveal them to you gradually. 🙂

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