Croatian foundry association

Croatian Foundry Association is a member of WFO

Aleja narodnih heroja 3, 44000 Sisak, Croatia

Management Board Meeting of Croatian Foundry Association

April 3 2019

It was held on 03.04. 2019 – Wednesday at 10 a.m. Zagreb, Froudeova Street 9, with following
suggested timetable:

    1.1. Membership of the members of the Croatian Foundry Association
    1.2. Potential future members of the Croatian Foundry Association
    1.3. Financial situation at Croatian Foundry Association account with date 02.04 2019.
    1.4. Website creation and preparation for activating it
    1.5. Determine the status of the Journal and composition of the Editorial Board
    1.6. Professional lectures status and further opportunities
    1.7. Decision for the sales price of professional literature
    Utility bills
    Business premises
    Decision for compensation Dragici Mihalinčić
    Travel Orders / Phone Costs
    Changes in the Register of Nonprofits

    Present: Milorad Vasilić, Branislav Branković, Ljijana Werner Pavlic, Josip Martišković, Gordana
    Gojsević Marić

    Absent: Zdenka Zovko Brodarac, Dragutin Ulama

    The minutes from the meeting were delivered by mail 05.04.2019. to all the above mentioned

    President of the Association: Milorad Vasilić
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