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Seminar Successful

March 1 2024

Organized by the Croatian Foundry Association , and with the support of HGK Zagreb and the Varaždin County Chamber, the companies Elkem and Metal Product, and the patronage of the City of Varaždin and Varaždin County, it was held on February 29. & 01.03.2024. year in Varaždin, at Hotel Turist, an extremely successful and more attended than last year’s two-day international scientific and professional seminar entitled:


During the first day, a visit was organized with about 70 interested persons to the MIV dd foundry, at both of their locations. After the aforementioned visit, the Croatian Foundry Association organized a dinner with live music and socializing for approximately 90 members and non-members of the Association. At the beginning of the second day of the Seminar, which gathered a total of 153 experts from the field of foundry; metallurgists, chemists and others from various related professions and activities from 9 European countries, the Vice President of the Association Dragutin Ulama greeted the guests with suitable words, and then the President of the Varaždin County Chamber – HGK,, addressed the attendees. Dragutin Gložinić, and Deputy Mayor of the City of Varaždin, Miroslav Marković, and Krunoslav Lukačević, representative of the Prefect of Varaždin County. The President of the Croatian Foundry Association, Milorad Vasilić, also greeted all those present and officially opened the Seminar.

A series of twenty interesting, commercial and professional lectures began with an introductory presentation by Mr. Goran Šaravanja from the Sector for Industry and Sustainable Development, HGK Zagreb. In our Program, you can see all the names of lectures and presenting companies. After all the lectures, with short planned breaks for refreshment and a break from dedicated work, a special lunch was held with socializing.

We hereby thank all sponsors of our Seminar, all presenters and attendees. We are proud to have gathered as many as 24 foundries from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

Below you can see a sequence of photos from the entire event, as well as certain impressions about it.

First day: Visit to MIV dd foundry, dinner and socializing

Second day: lectures, lunch and socializing


Seminar programme

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