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WFO Young Researchers Conference 2024

July 8 2024

I am happy to share with you some information regarding the WFO Young Researchers Conference 2024 which took place in Germany in June. With the great support of Carsten Kuhlgatz and our German Representative in the WFO Babette Tonn we organized in Hannover and Clausthal University of Technology a full programme for a group of ten young researchers from USA, Finland, Japan, Spain, China, India and Germany, and on June 11th they presented their work in a session broadcast open to the industry.

The authors finally acknowledged as the Best 3 are next:

These have been invited to travel to the World Foundry Congress 2024 in Deyang, China where they will be introduced to the global industry through the WFO and will take part in some networking activities aimed at young people we are developing.  

It is remarkable that the Ohio State University in connection with the ACRC had 3 authors in the final 10. AFS decided past year after the first edition that they would like to identify more and better candidates for the second edition, and this seems to be the result. This is also a good way for other associations to increase the level of the young people applying, I believe we can create a bigger and renowned global competition in the future for identifying a group of really talented professionals to advance their career in foundry companies.

We are very happy with the level of the authors in this edition and the number of countries competing. I am personally impressed by the attitude and passion of these young people and with this WFO action. The team is focused now in the last action in China and will also start a though process to increase the impact of this action for future editions, a process where your insights will be really valuable for us.

Best regards,

José Javier González

General Secretary
World Foundry Organization